Buying Protein Powder? Ask Yourself These Questions

perfect protein powderWhether you’re a fan of the gym or you’re just trying to add a bit of protein to your diet, choosing the right protein powder often requires serious effort.

There are so many kinds, with so many different, specific purposes, that it can be tough to keep track of what you actually want.

Your first step? Assessing your goals.

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4 Stretches for your Winter Workout

winter stretch workoutIf you’re so ready to get moving despite the big chill, we’re right there with you. But “ready” is just a feeling. And though you might feel it like crazy, your muscles may not.

That doesn’t mean you should stand there reaching for your toes before warming up. In fact, static stretching before you workout—especially in the cold—can be harmful.

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5 Skiing Exercises to Get You Ready for the Mountain

By Karin Krisher

downhill ski workout

Because this workout has gotten us such excellent ski mountain results in the past, we’ve decided to share it again just in time for your winter prep. Have you started a mountain-ready fitness routine yet?

If you’ve ever been to a mountain in Vermont, you know that ski-bum isn’t the appropriate term for the hardcore athletes you see streaking down the slopes. Skiing’s a serious sport. That’s why it’s incredibly important to prepare your body for its wrath with pre-ski training workouts and our top five skiing exercises.


We’ve come up with a great workout to try at least a few times before you make your first cut through powder (or, more often in our case, sheer ice). Next week, we’ll feature a snowboarding workout (skiing’s younger brother)—also a serious athletic endeavor. Be sure to always consult your healthcare practitioner before beginning any exercise program.

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FoodScience’s “Mission: Snowboarding” Workout

By Karin Krisher

snowboarding workoutEarlier this month, we pointed out that if you want to hit the mountain this winter, you’ll need to get in shape first. We highlighted some skiing exercises and preparation tips, but we recognize that a lot of our loyal fans are snowboarders—and that deserves a different workout. Here it is: Our best snowboarding workout to get your rears in gear.

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Swim Workout For Beginners

By Karin Krisher

All this Michael Phelps business has made me want to jump right in the pool and kick my feet like fish. But reality sets in every time I get to the edge: I’m not Michael Phelps, and unfortunately, I’m not a fish. So I asked Emily and Sara, FoodScience’s resident marathoners and swimmers, how to get started. Here, we share some tips, and a great swim workout to help beginners get their Nemo on.

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Perfect Workout Recovery Nutrition

By Toria Cornett, ATC, CSCS

Most people understand that it is important to pay attention to what you are eating before and after exercise. But actually knowing what the best choices are, and how to implement them, is a different story. How soon after a workout sesh should you be eating to get the maximum workout recovery and benefit of the effort you just put in? What should you be eating, anyway?

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How Weight Management Support Can Make Your Summer Better

By Karin Krisher

Weight managementWeight management support can make your summer better, and not just because you might gain some bikini- or swim trunk-induced confidence. There are other physical benefits to proper weight management that don’t have to do with cholesterol levels, heart disease, or even beach bum admiration.

1. Managing your weight can help you feel cooler.

Core body temperature and excess weight do show a correlation. Think about it. Whales, polar bears, and hibernators like black bears and squirrels know that excess fat keeps you warm. Sure, they’re also stocking up so they can avoid eating for months at a time.  But imagine how chilly a seal would be rolling off of and onto an iceberg twenty times a day without that thick blubber!

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