How Can I Remember to Take my Vitamins? Try These 4 Tips

By Karin Krisher

I have often asked myself if buying supplements is worth it. Not because I’m skeptical of the support they offer (I happen to know plenty about that!), but because I so often forget to take them. This struggle plagues most of us who choose to live a healthy lifestyle. But there’s got to be some way to remember, right?

Right. Try these 4 tips to remember to take your vitamins and never miss a serving again.

Location, Location, Location

Everyone you ask about this subject will give you this tip. That’s because it works. Place your vitamins where you can’t miss them. For example, stick a bottle of the supplements you take in the morning directly next to your toothbrush.

Place your supplements for the afternoon on top of your lunch or in your lunch bag. Keep that evening bottle in the fork drawer at home. Whatever it takes to get the supplement in front of your face at the appropriate moment, try it. A bottle of vitamin D hanging around your computer screen can’t hurt!

Partner Up

Taking your supplements with someone else can keep you accountable. Set up a reminder plan with a buddy, where one of you has to text or call the other when you aren’t together and need to take your supplements. You have a much better shot of remembering when you’re responsible for another person, and two heads are almost always better than one. (Except when you’re trying on hats.)

Notes and Noise

Putting a note on your phone screen or sending yourself a text reminder is a nice thought. But visual cues aren’t usually enough. Why? Because we can so easily ignore them. In addition to the visual cue of your choice, set an audio cue—a beep, for example. Set your phone, alarm clock or watch to go off every five minutes until you actually shut it off—at that moment, take your vitamins.


Grab some physical reminders if you need them. A weekly pill organizer is a simple piece of plastic that can make all the difference. Sometimes you need an added object to bring the tangible piece of supplement use to light. Another good object to try (if you’re not into labels) is melamine bowls, normally used for cooking. At the beginning of the week, sort your supplements into these bowls and then stack them. If you want, you can even color-code the days of the week!

Whatever method you choose to use to remember to take your vitamins, being mindful of that method should add at least some success to your regimen. Compliance is important both for your wallet and your health. Get started today!

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