Non Dairy Probiotics: A Dream Come True for You

Did you know that approximately 65 percent of the human population has a more difficult time digesting lactose after infancy?

non dairy probiotics This stat may have slipped right by you. Maybe you missed it because milk is a staple for the average American diet. Maybe you missed it because “Got Milk?” is as ubiquitous a slogan as “Just Do It,” and the “do it,” in this case, is guzzle the dairy product like it’s going out of style – which it isn’t.

The most popular probiotic sources are dairy products—even in probiotic supplement formulations. We won’t argue that the probiotics a dairy-loving person can get from yogurt aren’t quality (most are)—but if dairy is less than ideal for your digestive system, they might not be for you.

After all, you eat the food or take the supplement in order to support digestion, and some of the support you need comes from the fact that you just ate dairy products.* Quite the conundrum.

That’s why finding a probiotic that features only non dairy strains matters.

Have you found the right probiotic for your body? Are you aware of your sensitivity level to lactose? Tell us in the comments!

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