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Amino Acid Supplements

What makes you you? The simple answer: Your very structure is a complex combination of amino acids and proteins. Amino acids aren't always proteins, but they do fuel the body as it takes in nutrients and produces energy, supporting the very structure of your DNA.* FoodScience's amino acid supplements focus on providing non-essential (produced by the body) and essential (not produced by the body) amino acids in simple delivery systems for maximum bioavailability.*

Needing nutritive support for all categories of health isn't anything new. But finding the right supplement for you might be uncharted territory. From ocular health to hormone and antibody function, our formulas provide the support you're looking for.* If you're looking for overall wellness (and who isn't?), Amino Max 21 offers 21 different amino acids to support total health.* L-glutamine powder also packs a huge amino punch, supporting brain, digestive and metabolic functions.* Shop our amino acid supplements below!

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