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Antioxidant Supplements

Antioxidant is a real buzzword these days. It's on everybody's lips. But antioxidants themselves aren't on everybody's plate, or even their radar. Put them on yours today: Antioxidant supplements support immune system health and everything that goes along with it, from energy metabolism to mental wellness.*

FoodScience offers multiple antioxidant supplements and delivery systems, so you can choose the one that works best for you. Are you searching for the perfect energy-supporting nutrient for your active lifestyle? Check out Green Tea Extract. The potent polyphenols involved support joint health, skin elasticity and structure, the cell recycling process and weight management.* Are you interested in supporting wellness throughout the aging process? Look to Resveratrol-50, an antioxidant supplement that supports bone health, cardiovascular wellness, and immune system function.*

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  • GRAPE SEED (90)
    GRAPE SEED (90)
    SKU: 0300746.090
  • GREEN TEA-70™ (60)
    GREEN TEA-70™ (60)
    SKU: 0300726.060
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