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Digestive Enzymes & Aids

Go with your gut and you'll find you can't go wrong. Why? Because your digestive system is what absorbs nutrients and eliminates waste, selectively circulating the good stuff through your blood, to your brain, heart and muscles and getting rid of the bad. Digestive health support is so important that FoodScience has made it one of our top supplement categories.

Probiotics, digestive enzymes and amino acids can support the digestive process.* FoodScience features several types of digestive enzymes and digestive aids. Enzyme complexes like our original All-Zyme support nutrient breakdown and use, while probiotic formulations like Mega-Probiotic ND, a non dairy formula, support bacterial balance in the gut.* You can even have the best of both worlds with Mega Probiotic Chewable, an orange-flavored tablet that includes both digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria strains.*

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