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DMG Family of Products

DMG is what's known as a flagship product. It was one of FoodScience Corporation's first. 40 years on, it remains a source of pride and comprehensive health support for our employees.* Dimethylglycine is an amino acid derivative and a methyl donor that supports the body's metabolic processes.* As an immune system modulator, DMG supports circulation, oxygen utilization, brain health, cardiovascular wellness, joint comfort and hydration and much more.*

Our DMG family of products is stacked with supplements that contain dimethylglycine for added immune system support.* Behavior Balance DMG, available in a liquid or capsule, supports neurological health, socialization skills, stress coping mechanisms and immune health.* Aller DMG, on the other hand, supports a healthy histamine response, respiratory comfort and skin health.* DMG is a versatile nutrient that supports overall wellness and everyday health in people of all ages, genders and activity levels.*

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